Termites, the primary dreaded pest by just about every property owner and the culprit for thousands of dollars worth of damages to properties year after year. These little pests are good at sneaking around, remaining undetected for a good length of time.

This gives them time to destroy a good portion of your property before being discovered, causing necessary repairs. Termite inspections are the best way to prevent this from happening to you so if you haven’t had one, ever, it’s time to schedule one. Call 954-870-4696 and we’ll get you all set up.

If you prefer to do it on your own then go right ahead but our professional Tamarac termite control experts are going to be able to locate areas of activity and determine if any active termites are currently destroying your property. In addition to suggesting the best treatment method.

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Tamarac Subterranean Termite Solutions

Florida’s climate provides an ideal environment for subterranean termites. A lot of our clients have first discovered the termites when the termites begin to swarm, which takes place during spring and mid-fall. Expect to see swarmers moving around morning time or after a warm rain shower.

Eastern Subterranean termites have a rectangular-shaped head capsule, while Formosan termites have a teardrop-shaped head. Winged eastern subterranean termites have a dark color. Both types of subterranean termites create mud shelter tubes so this alone cannot determine which type it is. We’ll be able to help you figure out exactly what type of termite is on your property.

Tamarac Drywood Termite Solutions

Drywood termites infest a structure where there is the right amount of moisture which happens to be no higher than 12%. These termites will also be attracted to furniture if it’s made of timber because that is their preferred kind of wood.

Swarmers range in size anywhere from 7/16 inches to ½ inch long. Pale, yellowish brown to pale, reddish brown is their color. Their feces is often how you will become aware of any termite activity. Termite feces look identical to little pellets.

Controlling Termites in Tamarac

The best solution for termites is pre-treating your structures. This is harder to carry out if you aren’t the first owner of a home. It’s never good to know that the original owner didn’t have an inspection and termite pre-treatment done when constructing the home. Luckily, we can still help you. We’ll look for any present activity and apply a pre-treatment if none are located.

If they are, we will advise you on the recommended options for treatment. You won’t know if they’re there until you have an inspection performed. Don’t want to sign a contract? Then you are in luck because we don’t require them.

We have a variety of treatment plans so don’t let that deter you from protecting your home and taking control over the damaging pests that could be lurking around. Just call 954-870-4696 today to schedule your inspection!