Have a problem with rats or mice? Luckily, you’ve discovered our Tamarac rodent control services page. We handle the unwanted pests so you don’t have to.

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Sure, you can purchase in-store solutions for dealing with rodents, but they aren’t effective if you’re not taking proactive measures to prevent them from invading again in the future. Such measures including sealing up your home so they have a harder time actually getting inside.

Clean Your Space

De-cluttering is always advised too. Especially if you have an issue with mice or rats in the attic and other specific areas of the home. If they are spaces used for storage, you want to keep them organized and stored correctly. Mice and rats will chew just about anything so your boxes could be chewed through and other items destroyed; either by the rodent’s teeth or their fecal matter.

Preventing Tamarac Rodents

Just like with other pests, preventing rodents from taking over your property is important. You might have seen just one mouse and this is good, but it’s important that you take care of it right away.

Variety of Pest Plans for Rodents

Choose from our many options of pest control treatments including one-time, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and even annually. We strive to make the process as hassle-free as possible and your satisfaction and safety is our number one concern. No contract required to receive exceptional, quality, affordable pest control services in the Tamarac area.

Call 954-870-4696 for help and ask any questions you might have. Controlling them right away is important to avoid an infestation and we can help you determine the entry points to further prevent them from invading in the future.