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If you’re noticing several bees buzzing around there is a good chance a hive is nearby; otherwise they could simply be ‘moving through the area.’ If you explain the situation when you call we can likely determine which scenario it might be.

Tamarac Carpenter Bees

It’s not uncommon to find carpenter bees in the Tamarac, Florida area. Florida is only home to two types of carpenter bees among the 21 types known in America. The two types are: large and small.

Trying to eradicate bees on your own could result in them simply moving on to another tree or area close by and building a new nest; this isn’t very effective. Or it could result in injury due to upsetting the bees when trying to handle them on your own. A professional bee control company is your best bet for dealing with a bee problem to avoid any serious injury or risk. In addition to bees we also treat for wasps and hornets.

bee control tamarac florida

Need help with wasps?

Tamarac Wasps

Wasps may build nests in the ground like digger wasps create or they might build above the ground and attach it to your home or structure using mud; mud daubers create these. Paper wasps are those often found the door frames and under the eaves of a home. Getting rid of a wasp nest should be done with caution; you may end up irritating them in which they could start attacking and stinging.

bee control tamarac florida

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Tamarac Hornets

Hornets are actually quite social and often mistaken for yellow jackets due to some possessing the identical black and yellow stripes. While only some hornets are black and yellow striped, others are brown or reddish-brown and slightly larger than a yellow jacket. If you suspect a hornet while you’re eating outdoors, it’s likely a yellow jacket since they have a ‘sweet tooth’ and enjoy carbohydrates. Hornets are more drawn to tree sap, leaves and other insects.

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Removing a bee, wasp or hornet nest is not advised unless you know what you are doing but we can definitely do this for you. Give us a call at 954-870-4696 today to see what we can do and what your better option might be for finding a solution. If you have questions, we have the answers!