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You are likely experiencing new, never before felt feelings if you’ve discovered a bed bug (or more) on your property. And we completely understand! Nobody likes bed bugs and learning that you actually have them can cause a turmoil of emotions. Not to worry, however, because Price Termite & Pest offers quality bed bug services that will help you find relief once and for all.

Bed Bug Treatments

We like our customers to keep in mind that bed bugs are unlike any other pest. They’re harder to treat for and require repeat treatments (through our bed bug service) in order to efficiently eliminate them all and that typically takes quite some time. It doesn’t happen overnight. We will gladly explain the bed bug control process in a more detailed manner when you give us a call. If bed bugs are in one room, there’s a chance they’ve already made it to the next room; even if you haven’t visibly noticed them yet.

bed bug control tamarac fl

Bed bugs are very small and not always easy to spot or even identify; but we can help!

Identifying Bed Bugs

If you’re unsure if you’ve spotted a bed bug, a quick online search will help you determine if it is in fact, a bed bug. If it is, it’s time to evaluate your treatment options. The longer you delay treatment, the longer they have to start multiplying and infesting more areas of your home. Bed bugs are able to survive months at a time without any food (blood) so simply avoiding them won’t fix the problem.

Tamarac Bed Bug Inspections

If you have found what may be a bed bug, a further inspection will help you determine how bad the situation looks. If you found the bed bug in a specific location, inspect the entire room. For instance the bedroom; inspect the bedding, mattress, foot-board and headboard, any furniture in the room, wall decor and outlets, the curtains, etc.

If you’d rather let our professionals do it, call 954-870-4696 right now and we can schedule your inspection. We’ll investigate for you and suggest your options for effective treatment.