The most common ant issues that we have specifically treated for as of lately include carpenter ants, Argentine ants, fire ants, acrobat ants and crazy ants. If you’ve been battling an ant invasion for quite awhile now it may be best to at least consider calling us to learn more about our ant control treatments.

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Tamarac Carpenter Ant Solutions

Florida carpenter ants are large in size and orange and black in color. These are different than the typical black carpenter ant that many people are somewhat familiar with. Tamarac carpenter ants don’t cause structural damage however, if you find them it could be a sign of preexisting damage from previous carpenter ant activity. These carpenter ants prefer dead tree branches, tree stumps, lumber piles, hollow wood, insulation and rotting logs to build their nest in.

Tamarac Crazy Ant Solutions

Crazy ants are an ant that most people have encountered at least once along the way in their lifetime. They are medium sized and typically range from a reddish-brown to grayish/blackish color. They are really fast and move erratically; hence their unique name “crazy” ant. Because there are typically several seen at a given time, it’s hard to determine any distinct trails which would help to eliminate them quicker. They also travel longer distances when foraging food.

If you’re dealing with some type of ant problem and want superior ant control service then give us a call at 954-870-4696. We provide several pest options to suit your pest needs and depending on the type of ant we can recommend the best solution.